Colombian Food

Colombian Food

The Colombian culture takes great pride in flavorful, delectable food. Perhaps the most well-known Colombian dish, Bandeja Paisa - which literally means "workman's platter" - will leave you satisfied and coming back for more time and time again. Our friendly, family restaurant provides a cozy environment and satisfying flavors, as well as a comfortable setting for you and your loved ones to gather. Our variety is something we take pride in, and we know you will enjoy the vast amount of dishes that we serve.

Colobian Food

Our Colombian food matches with some of the best food in the area. With the best ingredients, we make dishes of only the highest quality for our customers. We want you to leave our restaurant satisfied, and with a full stomach. The fantastic dishes that we serve here aim to please everyone, with tantalizing flavors that are sure to meet their mark.

Here at La Sazon Colombiana our ambiance is almost as good as our authentic, flavorful dishes. But we do understand a busy schedule, so if you don't have time to sit and enjoy our comfortable, luxurious setting, call ahead at (281) 820-5494 and place your order! We will have your food ready for pick-up. Come visit us for the ultimate Colombian food experience.

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